A B O U T M E ~ !

Ena. 27. Atlanta. Artist. Student.

things i like: kawaii things, stationary, stickers, art supplies, matcha tea, mmorpgs and jrpgs, skateboarding, cooking, pastel colors + bright colors, reading, studying weird esoteric shit i wont even pretend i truly understand, y2k aesthetics, retro anime, traditional art, programming, studying language, smiley faces, screen printing, radical feminism, weird music, meme culture, pet sites, theology, mythology, sanrio, pulling all nighters, summer time, flowers, gardening, net art, graphic design, sparkledogs, internet piracy, being comfy, rainy days, clouds, beaches, balloons, gel pens, naps, fungi

things i dont like: cold weather, waking up early, making the ppl i love upset, pick-me women who hate other women and are "totes not like other gurlz xD", reddit, normie pop culture, normie movies, picky eaters, overly sexual humor, people who cry about other people "copying them" not understanding that everything is transformitive, cal-arts style, traffic, people who lack self awareness, the smell of cigarettes even tho i smoked them for a long time but have quit for over 2 years now

fave food: takoyaki, butter, burritos with EVERYTHING in them, matcha tea, boba tea, donuts, mangoes, lychees, tangerines, rice, red peppers, feta cheese, cojita cheese, goat cheese, basically all cheese, coconuts, apple fritters, cholula hot sauce, celery, chipotle peppers, granny smith apples, big fat burgers, sushi, sashimi, seaweed (all types) popcorn, korean bbq, honey, tajin, cilantro, dill, avocados, cannolis, macarons, smoked salmon, mac & cheese, garlic, lavender + rose flavored sweets, lamb chops, vinegar (all types), cauliflour, honey mustard, lobster, spicy tings and basically everything. i rly like to cook

fave music: diiv, gang gang dance, helica, croatia amor, doon kanda, battles, iglooghost, bladee, ecco2k, drain gang, PC music, deerhoof, sophie, doss, bjork, aphex twin, stereolab, cowgirl clue, kodak black, playboi carti, the kinfe, animal collective, panda bear, xiu xiu, my twin sister, mimideath, chief keef, future, arca, k9999, the smiths, suicideyear, rihanna, livin' joy, sweet trip, autolux, why?, deerhunter, blonde redhead, babes in toyland, kamandi, young thug, atlas sound, shinichi atoba, kanye west, placebo, pill, ariel pink, three 6 mafia, sunny day real estate, emancipator, pictureplane, HEALTH, three trapped tigers, pilotredsun, molchat doma, death grips, bbygoyard, 100 gecs, haircuts for men, lungskull young fathers, peggy gou, at the drive-in, fugazi, zounds, the used, slint, smashing pumpkins, spaceghostpurrp, marnie stern, jack off jill, scarling, sicko mobb, perfume, capsule, phantogram, no_4mat, park hye jin

fave artists: david rappeneau, eimi, milkbbi, rabbitfears, mony pich, hope gangloff, tomhoshino, davi go, carley schmitt, ruan jia, eneasart, moebius, jean gabriel domergue, dave cooper, yoshitaka amano, roger dean, j.c. leyendecker, howard finster, leon samoilovich baskt, luis ricardo falero, john william godward, kaz, kur, leelee, alexandre cabanel, akiya kageichi, takashi murakami, roxanne watson, jesse balmer, lindsay campbell, philippe druillet, stephanie h. shih (this list is huge i just cant think of all the names of all these artists rn >:c)

fave video games: world of warcraft (TBC, Classic, Wotlk, Cata, MoP (in that order)), final fantasy X-2, final fantasy X, final fantasy ix, minecraft, animal crossing, stardew valley, league of legends, heroes of the storm, diablo I-III, final fantasy XII, yokai watch, paragon, dark souls series, destiny 1 + 2, katamari series, path of exile, sims 2 + 4, spyro 1-3, warcraft 1-3, xenosaga, vakrie profile, final fantasy VII, tera, dragon quest series, okami, rocket league

fave animals: seals, cows, bumble bees, tigers, cephalopods, isopods, birds, snakes, frogs, iguanas

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discord: applebomb#7277
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